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6 Useless Eye Facts That Will Make You More Interesting at Dinner Parties

1.Male and female brains process colours slightly differently.

When it comes to colour, men and women don’t seem to see eye to eye. If you and your partner have ever bumped heads when choosing the perfect paint colour, you wouldn’t be the first. It is believed that this has to do with the different levels of testosterone in men and women, which causes drastically different organisation of the neurons in the visual cortex.


2. Contrary to common belief, your eyeballs won’t fall out if you sneeze with your eyes open. (Try it!)

There’s a lot of pressure behind a sneeze, but fear not fellow sneezers! Your eyeballs are safe.

Although it’s highly unlikely for anyone to sneeze with their eyes open without making a concerted effort, you won’t lose an eyeball if you do. Firstly, the passageways and muscles involved in a sneeze are not connected to your eyes. More importantly, the eye muscles that control your eyeballs keep them firmly in place at all times.


3.  A sharks cornea is very similar to a humans.

So much so, in fact, that shark eyes being used in cornea transplants could be a possibility one day. There is currently a renewed interest in the possibility of using corneas from other species, due to the lack of human cornea donors. Currently though, the most likely type of xenotransplantation for the eyes is through the use of pig corneas.


4. The ancient Mayans believed that being cross-eyed meant you were favoured by the Sun God

This was so attractive to them that they actually made extra efforts to ensure that their children became cross-eyed. One way of doing this would be to suspend an object between their infants’ eyes to artificially induce the desired cross-eyed trait.


5. 20/20 vision just means you have normal eyesight

As a glasses wearer, I have always been jealous of people who brag about having ‘perfect’ 20/20 vision. But as it turns out, having 20/20 vision isn’t really anything extraordinary. Rather, all it means is that you can read from a chart 20 feet away in normal lighting conditions….Nothing too special about that is there?! 😉


5. Your tears have different chemical compositions.

Yep…whether you’re crying because your girlfriend just dumped you (Psychic tears), or you have a pesky eyelash trapped in your eyeball (Reflex tears), both are made up of different chemicals.

Your eyes are also constantly releasing something called Basal Tears. These are produced in tiny quantities to lubricate the cornea and keep it clear of dust.


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