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Are the supermarket opticians taking over from the high street opticians?

The high street opticians have been around for ages and had a significant hold over the market. Many optometrists have opted for optician jobs in high street opticians as they are historically the best place to work.  Glasses are a necessity and even though they are an expensive necessity, people are willing to pay for them because let’s face it – they don’t really have a choice. If there is a need they will own a pair of glasses but the question that arises here is, does it need to be a high end brand or are they looking to save costs? We now see many optician jobs opening up in supermarket opticians sector which are increasingly growing in importance and giving competition to the high street opticians.

If you are going for optometrist opportunity and an ideal optician job for yourself, you need to be aware of the ongoing trends in the market. Supermarket optician jobs are also becoming popular and here is why: consumers are becoming selective shoppers and are looking for ways to save money. Prescription glasses have never been cheap but supermarket opticians have found a way to serve all kinds of markets and consumers. For people who are working in optometry jobs, the importance of having the right prescription glasses is evident and they realise how ethically wrong it is to deceive consumers.

Supermarkets like Asda, Tesco and Costco are places where customers are satisfied with the eye testing that are carried out, the frames and lenses that they bought, the prescriptions they were assigned and the overall experience of buying glasses. These supermarkets rate high on customer satisfaction and hence, are giving the high street brands a run for their money. Supermarkets coming up with optician jobs and carrying out optical recruitment is leading towards high competition in the market. And the best part is, they are offering high quality lenses and frames at cheaper rates, making it more affordable for the consumer so are therefore thriving.

Many people however still opt for high street opticians as they feel that the high price means better quality which in some cases is quite true. They are loyal to these high street opticians and aren’t willing to buy from supermarket opticians and it’s very hard to revert these loyalists to cheaper glasses. This is why we find people opting for high street optician jobs only rather than optical jobs in supermarkets as they feel there isn’t much scope there. Good-quality eye care is more important than discounts and offers for prescription glasses for many consumers and you can’t expect these consumers to change their mindset.

Even though there are only a few supermarkets at the moment that are providing good value for money when it comes to prescription glasses, we might see this trend grow significantly. Supermarkets which are lagging behind will improve themselves and try to capture the market share from these more popular supermarkets and the high street opticians. There is a lot of promise in this sector now and even though the supermarket opticians and optical jobs in that sector haven’t taken over the high street opticians yet, they are likely to do so soon if they keep providing good value for money.

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