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Benefits of working with a recruiter

I assume everyone has at least spoken to a recruiter at some point in their career.  Some of you may think we are a pain and some of you may like the fact we try to help and improve on your current situation.  Some people tell me; “I have had a terrible experience in the past with recruiters” which I understand.  However, tell me this, if you went to McDonald’s or another large food chain and had a bad meal would you never go again?  Of course, you’ll go again!  So why would you not listen to another recruitment company because one was not up to scratch.

I am going to tell you today why it is beneficial working with recruiters and how we help you!

One thing that we can never get back is time.  Time is precious and, unfortunately, there is no such thing as a time machine (just yet anyway!), so we must use it wisely.  For some of you who are not active in the market or are not directly interested in a specific role, you may not want to “waste” your time looking for a new job.  However, all you need to do is talk to us for 10-15 minutes and we can advise as to what could be altered in your job.  We will do the rest.  We will go and search high and low for an opportunity that fits your requirements.  If there isn’t an option that improves your position, we will be honest and say so.  We do all the challenging work for you.

You must impress a prospective employer to get a job and we, as recruiters, know exactly what our clients want.  That’s why we undertake a concise interview preparation to give you the very best opportunity to know what to plan and know to give you the best chance of securing the job.  We have excellent relationship with our clients, so we know the ins and outs of what the perfect candidate must be.

We are consultants, we are not here to annoy you or make your working life hard, we are here to improve on your current working situation by giving you benefits.  This may be an increase on salary, shortening your commute or even just making your day to day job more enjoyable.  If you ever want to know what the market is like in your current area call a recruiter as we have the best knowledge and are always here help.


Harrison Saldiray.

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