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Pre registration year with Mariam Bhojani

Q&A Mariam Bhojani, Optometrist at Pinders Opticians in Mansfield talks about her Pre Reg experience in 2016/17 exclusively with Vivid Optical’s Danny Alaimo. How did you decide on where to uptake your pre reg year? Mariam Bhojani I remember being at uni during my second year the multiples would send their reps in on recruitment drives and convince us on

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6 Effective Tips When Interviewing For a Job

Probably one of the most nerve-racking experiences that us as humans must deal with in our lifetime is securing a new job/position.   And it never seems to get easier no matter how hard you try! Meeting new people, overcoming difficult questions and having to sell yourself is a prerequisite. Investing time into the job preparation seems like a chore but

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Are the supermarket opticians taking over from the high street opticians?

The high street opticians have been around for ages and had a significant hold over the market. Many optometrists have opted for optician jobs in high street opticians as they are historically the best place to work.  Glasses are a necessity and even though they are an expensive necessity, people are willing to pay for them because let’s face it

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Benefits of employed work over being a locum

Benefits of employed work over being a locum Locum is a person who takes someone’s place temporarily and fulfils their duties for the time being. This is especially common in optician jobs and other medical fields. You might be considering doing some locum work in optometry jobs because you are unsure about which speciality area to go into, want to

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Tips for maintaining Healthy Eyes

Tips for maintaining Healthy Eyes There is no doubt that out of the four senses that we possess the one prized the most by us is our eyesight. Eyes not only make us see better and enjoy the world around us but a good eyesight is also a sign of having a healthy lifestyle. People employed in optical jobs know

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