6 Useless Eye Facts That Will Make You More Interesting at Dinner Parties

1.Male and female brains process colours slightly differently. When it comes to colour, men and women don’t seem to see eye to eye. If you and your partner have ever bumped heads when choosing the perfect paint colour, you wouldn’t be the first. It Is believed that this has to do with the difference levels of testosterone in men and

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The role of an Optometry Society in career pathways for students

Written by Luke McRoy-Jones, President of Plymouth Optometry Society. Plymouth OpSoc is the exclusive society for optometry students studying at the University of Plymouth. As a society, we represent around 200 undergraduate students across three years of the programme, as well as postgraduates and alumni. The role of the society ultimately is to enhance the university experience for our students.

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Formal Interviews vs Informal interviews: My experience

I assume everyone reading this has attended an interview at some point in their life, either for your first job or a step forward in your career or ’25 to life’ as some would say. The real question is, was the interview formal or informal? I have had two interviews in my life and as chance would have it, one

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The importance of keeping up to date with optical news

When I first started in optics, I thought I could get away with just knowing what our clients offer in terms of salary, benefits or progression.  I didn’t know that there was much more I needed to know in the industry!  I genuinely believed that “not much changes” and “I don’t need to read articles about a new system or

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