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Formal Interviews vs Informal interviews: My experience

I assume everyone reading this has attended an interview at some point in their life, either for your first job or a step forward in your career or ’25 to life’ as some would say. The real question is, was the interview formal or informal? I have had two interviews in my life and as chance would have it, one

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The importance of keeping up to date with optical news

When I first started in optics, I thought I could get away with just knowing what our clients offer in terms of salary, benefits or progression.  I didn’t know that there was much more I needed to know in the industry!  I genuinely believed that “not much changes” and “I don’t need to read articles about a new system or

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Pre registration year with Mariam Bhojani

Q&A Mariam Bhojani, Optometrist at Pinders Opticians in Mansfield talks about her Pre Reg experience in 2016/17 exclusively with Vivid Optical’s Danny Alaimo. How did you decide on where to uptake your pre reg year? Mariam Bhojani I remember being at uni during my second year the multiples would send their reps in on recruitment drives and convince us on

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