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I have one too many times sped into an opticians with a determined idea of the style of glasses I want, simply because I’ve seen someone wearing them on Instagram. On most of those occasions though, I’ve been disappointed to find out that the glasses I had in mind don’t actually suit me at all…in fact, often times they look pretty ridiculous.

I’ve finally realised that although some of the most popular glasses trends may look amazing on one person, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t look a bit silly on another.

So, the next time you’re browsing at some new frames, here are a few things to think about before you make a purchase.

Face shape

Face shape is definitely something to think about when purchasing a new pair of glasses. According to Specsavers, these are the general guidelines to follow:

  • A rectangle face: Go for a square shaped pair of glasses
  • A round face: Choose glasses that are rounder in shape rather than angular
  • Triangle shaped face: Go for something with a strong brow line or cat-eye shape
  • Square face: Opt for narrower styles that are still angular in shape
  • Heart shaped faces: Go for frames that have an exaggerated brow line
  • An oval face: This shape pretty much suits any type of frame (lucky things!)

Do they match your style?

You’re going to be wearing these glasses on a daily basis, and while the latest trend my look amazing when they are styled with the right outfit, it’s important to remember that they have to look good no matter what you’ve decided to put on that day.

One way around this of course would be to buy multiple pairs, in which case this rule wouldn’t apply. You have my permission to go out and buy as many multicoloured, Leopard print specs as you like.

Think about your skin tone

Determine whether you have a cool or warm skin tone and try to think about your hair colour too.

This can be a huge help when trying to pick the style and colour frame you go for. If you have warm colouring, bold, darker frames look amazing, while fair skin and hair seem to suit thinner frames in more muted colours.

Take pictures

Often times, it’s only until you take a picture of yourself wearing a pair of glasses that you can really see what they look like from another persons perspective. On top of that, you can easily compare styles without having to take pairs on and off hundreds of times too! So grab your iphone and snap away!

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