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I assume everyone reading this has attended an interview at some point in their life, either for your first job or a step forward in your career or ’25 to life’ as some would say.

The real question is, was the interview formal or informal?

I have had two interviews in my life and as chance would have it, one was informal and the other formal!

My first job was in a restaurant chain, the way I was interviewed shocked me to be honest. Even though I knew I didn’t need any qualifications to take drink and food orders, I still thought it would be much more formal than what transpired. The manager that interviewed me rocked up in jeans and a not particularly clean T-shirt; I assumed his iron was on blink that day too!  He walked over and told me to ‘wait in the bar’, I thought to myself the interview can’t surely be in a bar but I was wrong…. it was literally in front of the punters!  The interviewer just asked me a few simple questions:

• What am I looking to get from this job?
o Well, money of course!
• Can I work weekends?
o I would rather not but it’s retail so I guess so
• When can I start?
o I’m fresh out of school so whenever!


It was as simple as that, and, if you hadn’t guessed already I got the job! Just to put it out there, this is the kind of job you leave before you ever get sacked from!

Obviously not all informal interviews are like my example, but they are along the same lines in the sense that you don’t have to wear your Sunday best, you don’t get asked millions of trivial psychometric questions by an interviewer that reads from the “interview question sheet”!

Now my second interview was a whole lot different heading into recruitment.  I knew this was going to be different as the interview was in London, in the big city.  I thought to myself, I must make the best impression possible, I needed to try my upmost.

Anyway, I went out and bought one of Next’s finest ill-fitting suits and uncomfortable new shoes to make sure I looked the part.  I knew jeans and trainers wouldn’t quite cut it this time around!  When I turned up to the interview I was greeted with a handshake which was so hard I’m still having physiotherapy and the word ‘integrity’ remains imprinted on my palm!  From there I was taken to an actual ‘meeting room’, I knew it was an actual ‘meeting room’ as it had a plaque on the door stating, ‘meeting room’!  The director and manager introduced themselves and I followed suit, nervous was an understatement. Then I was being asked all sorts of questions; long term goals, short term goals etc, the who the why the what the where….it was fast ‘n’ furious and I loved every single second of it!

At the end of the interview I stood, we shook hands, and I was told “we will be in touch”.

I left the interview punch drunk, although I was excited, I didn’t know if I done well or not, who knew?  6 days later I got the call… 13 months later, you are reading this…

To sum it up really, in all interviews there should be the same end goal; give it your best shot and get offered the job!  Informal or formal, stick to the script, ace it, leave a lasting impression and don’t be late!

Harrison Saldiray 13/07/2018

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