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The importance of keeping up to date with optical news

When I first started in optics, I thought I could get away with just knowing what our clients offer in terms of salary, benefits or progression.  I didn’t know that there was much more I needed to know in the industry!  I genuinely believed that “not much changes” and “I don’t need to read articles about a new system or device as it is irrelevant to my job as a recruitment consultant”, however, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Keeping up to date and finding out the most recent news in the optical industry is vital as it has not only improved my knowledge of the market but I have been able to share this information with other people.  By knowing the intricacies of optics, I can really engage with optometrists, dispensing opticians and all optical professionals and really be able to advise (impartially!) on what is best.

Since I started paying more attention to what’s going on in optics, I have seen a significant improvement in my recruitment performance and the response I am getting from the optical sector.

Finding out the most recent news can be hard sometimes and unless you know where to look sometimes you are left in the dark and find yourself questioning why your colleagues know more about the market than you.

Firstly, the big thing is making sure you are reading news that is relevant to yourself and can help you with your job (whether that’s as an optometrist, dispensing optician, contact lens optician or anyone else in the optical industry).   There are a number of websites out there that cover all areas of optics as well as some websites that really don’t give enough information.  You need to scour around to find the best optical websites for your specific needs.  For myself, I really like using The Optician and the AOP websites’.

Sometimes another way of keeping up to date is to subscribe to a website or a magazine that has all the big news.  This is an easy way to keep up to date without you having to take time out of your day to search for what you want to find out.

If you’re looking to find out about the most recent piece of equipment or new research into glaucoma or dry eye, you may not be interested in finding out about a small independent practice on the other side of the globe that has raised $60 for charity!  So, keep a log or bookmark websites that you use often so you can keep referring back to them.

Contributed by Bradley Jordan

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