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Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is the most common elective treatment in the world, and in the UK more people
undergo surgery with Optical Express than all of our competitors combined.

What does it involve?

Laser eye surgery is a safe, effective and quick procedure. There are two types of treatment: LASIK
and LASEK. The former uses a sophisticated femtosecond laser to create a small protective flap in
the cornea allowing access to the inner corneal layers, whilst the latter is a technique whereby the
laser is applied to the outer layers of the cornea. A precision guided cool beam excimer laser then
corrects the patient’s eye prescription aiming to overcome poor vision. Treatment on each eye can
take from 30 seconds to two minutes. Patients are usually in and out of the theatre in under half an

Does it hurt?

For the vast majority of patients, the answer is no and that it’s more uncomfortable rather than
painful. Some speak of experiencing gritty eyes and some blurry vision in the early stages, but this
calms down typically within a few days.

How long does it take to heal?

As the fastest healing part of the body, the eye starts its recovery process straight away. LASIK
patients commonly report having 20/20 vision or better within 24 hours of the procedure. LASEK
surgery recovery can take a little longer at around one week.
Over £400 million has been invested in Optical Express clinics and technology, in fact the equipment
we use to carry out laser eye treatment is the same equipment which led NASA to approve laser eye
surgery for its astronauts.

The biggest benefit of laser eye surgery is the huge positive difference it can make to the quality of
life of patients. For people who have relied on glasses and contact lenses all of their life, being able
to see from the moment they wake up is momentous. So many moments instantly become more
enjoyable: swimming, going to the cinema, reading and travelling are just a few of the activities that
are enhanced by laser eye surgery. Patients frequently say “I wish I had this done sooner”.

To find out more about Optical Express and the full range of eye care services we offer, you can visit
our website.

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