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Life as an Optical Advisor in Domiciliary

Having spent a decade in the optics sector I have managed to experience the working culture in both retail and domiciliary. Working as an OA in domiciliary is more than just dispensing spectacles!

There are so many aspects to it:

Managing your own clinic

When out on field you are basically the clinic manager whereby you need to ensure that you have a successful day. You ideally want to get around 7 different home visits and making sure you are being productive in each visit. Being organised is a vital factor to getting round all your booked patients. To be really successful you want to be spotting out any missed opportunities where you can make a difference in the patients lifestyle.

Rapport building with your patients

As all visits are home visits in domiciliary and most of the patients are house bound. When you enter into a patients home it can be quite daunting for yourself and the patient, you are all strangers in that one house hold. Hence why rapport building is extremely important when providing a service and a product, you want to ensure they feel comfortable around you within their own home. For some of these patients they may not have seen any family members or even other members of the public in days/months/years – this makes it ever so rewarding!

Sitting through a thorough sight test

When you are in practice you never get a chance to witness how the optometrist undertakes a sight test. A home sight test last around 40mins where the optometrist will perform all parts of the test in the same way they would when in practice. The beauty of this is your understanding of the pathology of the eye increases.

No two days are the same

Being out on field everyday means you are exporling different areas day to day. The calibre of patients also vary from area to area, this keeps your days very fresh and exciting. That’s where the saying comes ‘no two days are the same’





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