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Dear Optical Professionals,

The team here at Vivid just wanted to let you know that we have been thinking of you all these past few days. This is such an unusual situation for us all to be in and we know that this is going to be having such an effect on your lives over the coming weeks.

During this time of such uncertainty, we are doing our best to help you not lose sight of any career goals that you might have had for the future and want to make sure that when this is over, you can resume your lives as normal and come back to the best career situations possible.

We completely appreciate that you might seek a stable employment that can give you financial security and peace of mind. One way we’re enabling this to happen is by offering telephone or Skype interviews for candidates and clients who are unable to leave their homes. All of us are here at Vivid are soldiering on from temporary home offices and are here to offer reassurance or to discuss any worries that you might have, whether big or small.

For our candidates whose jobs have been disrupted due to this outbreak, our thoughts go out to you. We ask all of you, respectfully, to please show patience with your employers. As you know, this this is going to be affecting ALL of us. So many employers are going through very stressful times themselves and are doing their best to ensure their businesses will be able to function as normal when things get better – Remember, things WILL get better.

Until then, take a deep breath and don’t stop visualising the career goals you had set for yourself. Vivid are here whenever you need us and will be thinking of you lovely lot 💙

Stay safe.

Vivid x

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